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Dog & Puppy Training Classes GlasgowWe at the Bearsden Dog Training Club cater for dogs and owners from all walks of life. Not all people go to dog training to train their dog for competition, most go to learn how to give their dog a basic education and some socialisation with other dogs and people.

Would you like to train your dog to be more sociable? WE CAN HELP!

It is particularly important that owners make training fun and spend a short time each day at home repeating the exercises taught within the class. Just 10 minutes of practice every day will help see your dog develop, with each day taking you a step closer to the level of obedience you wish to achieve. Sometimes your dog’s behaviour can lead you and your family to feel cut off from the public (are you turning into a midnight walker?).

  • Do you have a puppy or a young dog that you want to start off the right way with good social skills, manners and training?
  • Is your dog pulling on the lead?
  • Is your dog coming back when called?
  • How many times have you thought, “If only my dog was trained and behaved itself I would enjoy our walks more.”?
  • Do you want to improve something about your dog’s behaviour?
  • Do you want to teach your dog some new games, skills or tricks to keep him or her mentally active?
  • There are many reasons for training your dog.

Our next 5 week Puppy Socialisation Courses starts on 10th January 2018 (for all this sessions dates check out our puppy section), we take pups when the vet has cleared them to be among other dogs up until 18 weeks old, ” Book early as places are going fast”.

You have taken on the responsibility for another life; you also want to enjoy your dog’s companionship for its entire life (possibly 15 years). In order to do this you must be able to live in harmony. You want your dog to get on with other dogs and with your friends and relatives. Obedience training will allow you to do this and strengthen the human-dog bond.

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Bearsden Dog Training Club – Mission Statement

In 1988 the founding members of the Bearsden Dog Training Club identified within their community a need for a professional standard of expertise in behavioural training for the local pet dog population and their owners. Shortly thereafter the club was founded with the expressed purpose of:-

Advancing public education about the health, care, management, training and control of dogs, for the safety of both the general public at large and the dogs themselves.

The preservation and protection of public health, and a more general protection from nuisance, by promoting the highest standards of responsible dog ownership within the community.

To bring together dog owners within a strongly supportive and friendly group, in such a way that they can identify with a common purpose.

To benefit both animal and human welfare, by promoting training strategies and methods based on humane practices, as supported and promoted by the majority of animal welfare organisations throughout the world.

We are dedicated to promoting Responsible Ownership of Dogs and are members of the West of Scotland Community Dog Training Association.

All our Committee and Instructors are volunteers (no one within the club gets paid) who are only too willing to share with our membership our accumulated experience to make training their dogs easier.